The Play Racquetball Program

Racquetball is a fast paced sport that requires minimal equipment to play and that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Due to its high level of accessibility, the Play Racquetball program has a broad target audience with the goal of introducing as many people as possible to the sport.

The Play Racquetball program is designed to increase participation in the sport by making it more visible and accessible to all age groups and skill levels.  Play Racquetball is designed to attract new participants by encouraging initial participation, and helping to foster a growing interest in racquetball.

Play Racquetball Facility Promotional Program

The Play Racquetball kit for facilities with existing courts is designed to attract users to the facilities by increasing awareness of the sport through promotional events where equipment is provided so people can try the sport.

Play Racquetball Non-Facility Promotional Program

The non-traditional portion of Play Racquetball is designed to introduce the basics of racquetball to kids enrolled in school, summer camps, recreation programs and general multi-sport programming.

This program is designed to introduce proper grip, basic strokes and game strategy. The main focus is for this program is fun. The venue does not have to be a traditional racquetball court and could be as simple as a wall in a gymnasium or even outdoors.

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